Full Disclosure Blacklist B

The list expands with part B. More names are included in the hall of shame. All are guilty, and attempts to threaten with legal action will be disregarded totally. Errant tutors/tuition agencies/centres have only themselves to blame for being "featured" here. Members of the public who wish to contribute information about other guilty individuals or organizations, leave a comment with relevant evidence to substantiate your accusations. More lists shall be added with time. ( Over time, some of these tutors may try to scrub clean their images by having web links from cited sources deleted, but black sheep will always remain black sheep. Mud sticks forever.)

Blacklisted tutors

1. Miss Shelyn Ho Xin Yi
Advice needed on unethical tutor ( Her NRIC number is S9433716Z , HP number is 90189556)

2. Mr Benjamin Lee Kee Tat
Tutor jailed for sexually molesting pupil

3. Mr Augustine Joseph
 Part-tutor jailed 10 weeks for cheating

4. Mr Kittredge Chan Lead Whye
  Tutor jailed for molest

5. Mr Philip Lim Beng Cheok
Maths tutor gets 18 years for abusing pupils

6. Miss Teng
Piano teacher-terrible experience

Scammed by piano teacher

How to deal with music teacher who get paid and didn't turn up?

7. Miss Celine Loi (Joss sticks Mathematics)
 Tuition centre's untrue claims of possession of 2014 GCE O Level examination papers

Blacklisted tuition agencies/tuition centres

1. Just Education Tuition Agency ( Winnie)
Unethical tuition agent who exploits and scams tutors 

Winnie refuses to pick up my calls

2. Trust tuition agency
Trust tuition agency-a cheating agency, beware

3. Lewin Education Centre
 Lousy tuition centre, out to make money only

4. BCS International College@Bedok
Lousy BCS International College-don't sign up for their courses